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  • Christmas pictures – fresh snowfall causes chaos in Scotland

    Once again a new fall of snow has caused chaos on the roads in Scotland. Yesterday ¬†snow fell for about 6 hours and the country’s transport system seemed to grind to a halt. Commuters and drivers are demanding answers as to why local councils never seem to be ready for the snow. It’s amazing in…

  • Snow covered landscape – the big freeze in Scotland

    Scotland is in the middle of the longest cold spell for 40 years . NASA has released a satellite image of Scotland and it is totally white.While this is causing problems for many people , as photographers it is an opportunity for us to get some great pictures. On Thursday I went up to Blackmount…

  • Snow falls in Scotland as winter sets in

    Snow has been falling today , mainly in short showers just enough to disrupt traffic . There was traffic chaos in Falkirk. A severe weather warning has been issued for eastern parts of Scotland as heavy snow moves across the country.